6 Reasons Why People Take Krill Oil for Symptoms of Bad Cholesterol

6 Reasons Why People Take Krill Oil for Symptoms of Bad Cholesterol

For consumers looking to buy Krill Oil online in order to reduce bad cholesterol levels or relieve the symptoms of either arthritis, PMT, ADHD or boost their anti-oxidant protection, sold globally at Evolution-Slimming.com, they provide some of the most cost effective Krill Oil capsules for as little as £19.99 for 60 capsules – far cheaper than you will find in retail stores.

Krill – “whale food” in Norwegian – is the strongest form of the Omega-3 fatty acids that is derived from these tiny shrimp like creatures which are the staple food for seals, penguins, mantas, whale sharks and Baleen whales, and the oil is simply extracted from the Krill and placed in capsules.

There are various species of Krill – Neptune, Red Whale, Azantis or Antarctic Krill which also go by their medicinal or brand names such as Euphausia Superba, Docosahexanoic Acid or Concentré de Protéines Marines, however whether they are sourced from Antarctic waters or from the southern waters around Japan, the extracted oil is essentially the same.

The following 6 examples are potentially the most common reasons of how Krill Oil has helped customers.

1. It raises HDL levels:

Your healthy cholesterol levels – HDL are important for lowering blood pressure and maintaining a healthy heart. Users who take krill oil should notice a rise in HDL by as much as 10 to 15 points in just one month.

2. It lowers LDL levels:

Your bad cholesterol levels – LDL, tend to be attributed to most forms of heart disease and anti-inflammatory ailments. Taking Krill Oil for 2 months should see a drop in LDL of potentially 20 to 60 points or more.

One male aged between 35-44 who originally noted his HDL at 50 and cholesterol level at 286, took 4 Krill Oil capsules each evening for 6 months with red rice extract and reported that his cholesterol level dropped to 195 – See here

3. Far better than regular fish oil:

Users generally agree that regular fish oil has little or no effect on cholesterol levels in comparison to this stronger form of Omega-3 oil.

4. Can help relieve intermittent claudication:

Intermittent claudication is the clinical term given to muscle pains such as aches, leg, calf and foot arch cramps, fatigue or numbness.

Users also who have had stents placed in their leg as a result of injuries find Krill improves mobility and eases pain.

5. Why taking 1000mg of Krill Oil a day can have significant effect:

Users who take two 500mg doses a day report a reduction or sometimes total disappearance in arthritis pain, stiffness and joint pain and a consistent lowering of cholesterol levels.

6. Additional benefits Krill Oil users encountered:

  • Can reduce the size of your lymphoma’s
  • Can help and relieve symptoms of gout
  • Can help with reliving pain from whiplash injuries
  • Elimination of period cramps
  • Those diagnosed with fibromyalgia arthritis find it helps considerably
  • Can help with pinched nerves in the body especially hip area
  • Can eliminate your Iliopsoas bursitis around the hip area
  • Lessens arthritis symptoms in unusual spots including arthritis that moves around

Positives of taking certain Krill Oils – by users:

  • Considerable benefit to relieving all manner of cramps and joint pains
  • Majority of feedback positive in lowering cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels
  • Superior to alternative Omega 3 products
  • Helps with all manner of arthritic symptoms

Negatives of taking certain Krill Oils – by users:

  • Very fishy smell
  • The brand “Omega Super Krill” may cause isolated skin rashes with pustules
  • May cause mild indigestion and/or gas
  • May cause some itchiness
  • Not recommended for people with digestive disorders

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