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 Advice On Health is your connection to achieving your optimum potential for health. It has been our great privilege to care for and educate thousands of patients.

Through this site, it is my vision to support hundreds of thousands of patients to begin their quest toward personal and planetary wellness.

Create and Enhance Comprehensive Healthy Life Style

For those of you looking to balance, support and nurture your body through natural health care approaches, we invite you to begin at whatever level you are most comfortable. Of course, ultimately, optimum health comes through balancing the five aspects of the pyramid of health.

Here are two things we all want in life, Longevity and Vitality. We want to live long and have more energy to enjoy life! At Advice on Health we are committed to removing any blocks you may have to creating an energetic long life.

Your muscles, joints and skeleton must have full balanced movement for you to be vital. The necessary nutrients must be present for energy, balanced emotions and tissue repair/replacement. Finally, your thoughts must be congruent with your desires and your actions for you to reach your highest potential for Health and Vitality.

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Charge your own body and mind by converging science and technology and modern & ancient wellness concepts.

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Our Recommended Nutri Products

Next generation wellness products developed using cutting edge technology giving priority to safety, purity and efficacy.

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After using this for 3 weeks the lump dispersed and I was back to normal, I am continuing to use long term as my research on Veiroots shows it to be an excellent health product.

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Teddy Park


“Go for Keto Diet,” “No, no, go for vegan diet”, “You should not do heavy exercises after 40,” “Thats all stupid, you should start High Intensity Interval Training” “You need to take protein supplements,” “Hey, protein supplements will damage your kidney” Are you getting confused with all such advices? The truth is, ‘One man’s food can be another man’s poison.’ It is important to personalise your diet plans, exercise plans and even the nutritional supplements. If you have an intention of Living long and staying young, explore this right now


Go for Keto Diet